IWAIT/IFMIA2023 Comference Program will be posted after Nov. 15 2022

The following is IWAIT2021 program

1.Conference Schedule and Program

(1) IWAIT2021 Program

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(2) Abstract proceeding

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(3) Overview of the Program

Total Presentation time is 15 minutes including Q&A.

2. Poster Program with LINK of VIDEO and POSTER PDF.

BR is number of Breakout Room and No. is paper number of Easychair .

Poster Session Ⅰ: 1:00-1:45 , 5th Dec.

Image Generation and Display

Chair: Takayasu Fuchida ( Kagoshima Univesity)

13Nobuyuki YagiInteraction Support for Virtual Studio by Vibration Feedback ===>>> ABST
25Yu Watanabe Automation of parts segmentation in 2D character animation production ===>> VIDEO   PDF
313Tatsuya OshinomiSpeckleless reconstructed image display using convergent light in CGH ===>> VIDEO PDF
422Kunihiko TakanoA basic study of holographic image reconstruction in colors using blue-violet laser light ===>> VIDEO PDF
544Hiroki KobayashiScratch Detection based on Image Reconstruction using Ideal Image Pair Dataset of just before/after Defect Occurrence => VIDEO PDF
675Yuuki YamasakiImprovement of GrabCut Form Kumamoto Castle Ishigaki Region Extraction Method ===>>> VIDEO PDF
7100Yusuke KawazuDevelopment of a Method for Animating Water Flow in an Illustration ===>>> ABST
8140Hyeongil NamRealistic fabric Rendering based on measurement ===>>> VIDEO PDF
9141Akito MaedaDevelopment of Interactive Exhibit Game for Musical Instruments ===>>> VIDEO PDF

Poster Session Ⅱ: 2:00-2:45 , 5th Dec.

Image Recognition

Chair: Hideaki Kimata (NTT)

117Takafumi TanakaFacial Feature Exaggeration System for Caricature Generation ===>>> ABST
249Reo TokukePerformance Evaluation of Liquid Pouch Inspection Using Conventional Deep Learning Models ===>>> VIDEO PDF
371Kan IchikawaGraph Generation Using Point Cloud Data for Path Planning of Autonomous Mobile Robots ===>>> ABST
484Jonghoon YimTime Complexity Reduction on Light Field Super- Resolution with Graph-Based Regularization ====>>> VIDEO PDF
597Daishi FujiwaraA Method for Assigning Appropriate Elevation to Water Portion in the DEM Data ===>>> ABST
699Tomohiro AndohDevelopment of a Method for Calculating Overground-openness and Underground-openness with High Precision Based on The Digital Elevation Model Data ===>>> ABST
7137Yoshitaka Endo Generation of Pareidolia-inducing Visual Stimuli ===>>> VIDEO PDF
Yanfen LiIntra CTU depth decision for HEVC by using Neural Networks ===>> VIDEO

Poster Session Ⅲ: 3:00-3:45 , 5th Dec.

Application and theory

Chair: Anis Ur Reman(National College of Technology, Kagoshima College)

125Tomoki OtsukaVectorized Implementation of K-means ===>>> PDF
246Manoj KumarSri Lankan Sign Language to Text-Speech Conversion and Vise-versa ===>>> ABST
351Dohyeon ParkA Method of Piece-Wise Depth Mapping for Immersive Video Coding
===>>> VIDEO PDF
474M.T.M. CoorayAspect Based Sentiment Analysis : Movie and Television Series reviews ===>>> VIDEO
580Yuting HongStudy of Minor Dry Eye Detection Using Digital Camera Based on Deep Learning ===>>> VIDEO PDF
682Kutub UddinAnalysis of Generative Adversarial Network Targeting Anti-Forensic in JPEG Compressed Domain ===>>> PDF
7111Taisei HirakawaCross-domain Recommendation Based on Multilayer Graph Analysis Using Subgraph Representation ===>>> VIDEO PDF
8116Myung Jun KimDetected Objects based Video Coding ===>>> VIDEO
9120Chun-Cheng HuangFibrosis Analysis for Liver Pathology Images ===>>>VIDEO
10139Miku KawaguchiAn Autonomous Control Method for UAV Using the Relation between Flight Command and 3D Moving Vector ====>>> PDF