This instration is not final version, however this instraction is not so difference from final version.

IWAIT2021 online conference is using WebEX.

The URL of Conference program with URL of WebEX is ;

However this Pge is protected by Password. This Password can get to the registered members only.


1. Paper and Poster Acceptance           10, Oct, 2020

2. Submission of agreement letter (?)       20,Oct, 2020

3. UpLoad Conference program on this page  end of November

4.Registartion                  1,Dec.2020

5. Upload Presentation video file for Oral to Google Drive   10, Dec, 2020

   Upload Poster PDF file to Google Drive        10, Dec, 2020

    How to Submission using Google FORM is announced to the presentater only.

  • Before using this Google FORM, you need Google account.                

6. Presentation test days        between 15 and 20,Dec,2020

7. Presentation Conference days    5 and 6, Jan, 2021

2.How to oral and Poster presentation

2.1 Oral presentation for 15 minutes

Total Presentation time is 15 minutes

First 10-12 minutes is video presentaion and last 3-5 minutes for oral presentation and Q&A

The best way to make presentation file is using PowerPoint with Narration follows.

This is the instruction how to make presentation video.

2.2 Poster presentaion for one hour.

Each poster is given individual WebEX room and discussion with attendance in this room.

 The best way to make Poster file PDF is using Poster size slide of PowerPoint.