IWAIT2021 online conference uses Zoom (Breakout Room) for Oral presentation and Poster presentation. You have to install current version of Zoom (version 5.4.6) for using Zoom ( Breakout Room). IWAIT online conference rooms are as follows and these sessions is shown in 2021 CONFERENCE PROGRAM.

 We use total 14 Breakout rooms as follows,

3: 1st, 2nd and 3rd ROOM : For Oral presentation.

10: Poster Room1-10: Total 10 rooms for each poster

1: Test Room for testing of Power point or video with VIDEO-ON and UN-MUTE freely.

During the IWAIT conference on 5 and 6, Jan, you have to Click “2021 CONFERENCE SITE” on this WEB to enter the conference rooms. However this page is PASSWORD protected. IWAIT alredy sent REGISTERED attendance this PASSWORD by e-mail on 30th, Dec. This PASSWORD is as same as “2021 Abstract Proceeding”. If you do not receive this PASSWORD, then please send e-mail to after new years day.

1.How to Oral and Poster Presentation

2.1 Oral presentation for 15 minutes

Total Presentation time is 15 minutes including Q&A

(1) Session chair check your ONLINE situation,

You have to enter your session just opening your session with VIDEO-ON and UN-MUTE.

Session chair checks that you are ONLINE or not.

(2) UP load presentation video is finished

Presentation Video is not mandatory, not neccessary. However if you worry about Net trouble, then you UPLOAD your making video with SESSION NUMBER on Youtube, Drop Box or other shared file and write it`s URL in BOX3 of your My Page which you received the information on the reply- mail from REGISTRATION site , not EASYCHAIR, by 30th Dec. Be careful, that this video is oppend widely, so Copyright issues are your responsibility.)

(video UP Load は終了しました。オーラルの方は、必ずしもプレゼンビデオの作成は必要ありません。各自、必要なら講演時間で利用下さい。もし当日オンライン会場へ入れるかどうか心配な方のみ、Registrationが完了した.すぐ後に送付されたメールに記述されていたBOX3に、UPしたいLINKのURLを記入下さい。その際にセッション番号も記入下さい。締め切りは12月30日です. しかし、UPしたビデオの著作権問題が生じた場合の責任は、IWAITでは負いませんので、自己責任でお願いします。)

The best way to make presentation file is using PowerPoint with Narration follows. Please read this URL.

This is the instruction how to make presentation video

2.2 Poster presentaion for 45 minutes in one hour Poster session.

(1) You have to enter your breakout Room with VIDEO-ON and UN-MUTE at least 5 minutes befor your Poster session starting.

Each poster is given individual BREAKOUT Room in Zoom shown in the Program page and discussion with attendance in this room. All of the Poster presenter needs to install CURENT Version (version 5.3) of Zoom to use BREAKOUT ROOM.

(2) UP load Presentation Video and Poster PDF are finished.

Presentation Video is not neccerary. But author Upload Max 2 minutes presentation video file on YouTube, Drop Box or other commnunication file and write it`s URL and POSTER SESSION NUMBER in BOX3 of your My Page which you received the information on the reply mail from REGISTRATION site , not EASYCHAIR, by 30th Dec. Then we will make the list of these shared file on IWAIT2021 WEB. All of the conference attendance can watch your video during conference days.

(プレゼンテーションビデオとポスターPDFのUP LOAD は終了しました。


This is the instruction how to make presentation video.

(3) UP Load Poster PDF is over

If you make POSTER PDF, then you write the linking URL of Poster in BOX3. However please clear chich URL is VIDEO or PDF like example by 30th Dec. If you do not UP it, then we use your ABSTRACT.

(ポスターPDFのUP LOAD は終了しました。ポスターPDFのUP LOADは終了を作成した方は、そのURLを下記のように、映像ビデオと区別できるように、そのURLを記入下さい。締め切りは12月30日でした。もしPDFが30日までにUPされなかったら1ページのアブストラクトを利用します)

—— BOX3 ——- Example —

Video: URL of your Video, Poster PDF: URL of your Poster



1. Presentation test trial days         24 and 25, Dec

2. Up URL of load Presentation video and/ or URL of 1 page Poster PDF in BOX3  30th, Dec.

  3. Sending Password of “2021 conference site ” 30th, Dec,