Presenter Guidelines

How To Present at IWAIT2024 (Oral/Poster)

Welcome to Langkawi, Malaysia and IWAIT2024! We are delighted to have you join us for this gathering of insightful minds and groundbreaking ideas. As we embark on this journey of knowledge exchange, collaboration, and inspiration, we would like to ensure that each presentation is delivered effectively.

To help you make the most of your time in the spotlight, we have prepared comprehensive presentation guidelines. These guidelines are designed to assist you in structuring and delivering a presentation that engages your audience and effectively communicates your research or insights. Thank you for choosing IWAIT 2024 as the platform to present your research work.

A. Keynote & Invited Talks, All Oral Sessions 

Each session’s room is assigned. Each technical session room is equipped with a computer and an LCD projector. MS Power Point (English) and Acrobat Reader are installed on the computer. Each presentation slide should be loaded from an USB flash memory 10 minutes before the start of the session. You should have enough time to cope with any possible technical problems. Please refer to the “Program at a Glance” for overall technical program. 

Note: If you bring your own device(s), please ensure you prepare necessary accessories, such as cable(s) and connector(s)

  1. Session chair plays a key role in ensuring the session adheres to the schedule, allowing presenters the allotted time for their presentations.  During the session, the chair introduces speakers, manages the Q&A sessions, and addresses any technical issues that may arise.
  2. A paper in oral session is assigned as the following: 15 min (at most 12min for presentation + at least 3min Q&A)

B. Poster Sessions A and Poster Session B

Poster-presenters are kindly requested to install and remove their posters by themselves by paying attention to the session date to which the paper is assigned. Each poster shall be on-site before 9:00 am until 5:00 pm. Posters that remain mounted after 5:00 pm, i.e. the designated poster session time, the organizer shall disposed the poster on behalf of the presenter.

See the poster instruction below.

    • The authors should put their paper on the designated panel indicated by the paper number (P_ID XXX) at the top-right corner of the poster panel as shown below.
    • A paper in poster session is assigned to a  2-hour session to exchange ideas with fellow IWAIT participants which consist of the following:   1 minute oral presentation
    • 1 minute oral presentation: Presenter must provide poster presentation PowerPoint slide (maximum 2 slides per paper) by 9:00 am 7 Jan 2024 at the Poster Room (Ballroom3).
    • Adhesive tape will be provided. The poster size (A0 size) is also shown below.
    • The presenter should put his/her poster on the assigned board with the correct paper number. An author must be present during a whole designated period of time. Each poster must be displayed before the start of the poster session.
    • The presenter is responsible to remove his/her poster sheet and to clear the board for the next session right after the session time.